“This is your sock drawer speaking”

I need to have a chat with you about these medals sitting up the back of the drawer. These were obviously awarded to you or a family member. Don’t you think it’s time to get them out into the daylight and not just leave them hidden. I’m not talking about ANZAC Day when you get them out for a few hours either. Be proud of these medals, remember the service, sacrifice and effort that went into them being awarded.

Some people have already made this decision and placed the medals in an engraved Jarrah medal box. Their stories include the following:

  • A lady came into our shop one day with an old battered Christmas tin. She proceeded to take out both her two grandfather’s WWI medals and then her father’s WWII medals out of the tin. With tears in her eyes she said “these beautiful boxes are exactly what I have been looking for”.
  • A veteran received one of our engraved boxes as a surpirse 85th birthday gift. He was so overcome with emotion that he needed to leave the room.
  • Another veteran ordered 5 identical boxes so he could give each of his 5 children a replica set of his medals.
  • A 16-year-old girl had been given her grandfather’s WWII medals. She did all the investigation into his history with Popski’s army and designed the engraving for the medal box for their storage and presentation.
  • A proud son organised a box for his 92yo father who had just moved into a nursing home. His dad is the last surviving RAAF pilot from WWII bomber command. Being sharp as a tack his dad said “I was seconded to bomber command so the badge should be the RAF, not RAAF son”.
  • Capt Albert Jacka’s great niece was presented with his medals in one of our engraved medal boxes at a 2019 Kapooka presentation.

As we say here at Murphy’s, we sell more than beautiful Jarrah service medal boxes, we create family heirlooms with lasting memories.

Discover more about our medal boxes here.

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