Located in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Murphy’s of Healesville showcases a diverse range of giftware and products made from Jarrah hardwood which can be personalised with our complimentary laser engraving service.

Jarrah is an Australian timber that grows in the south-west corner of Western Australia. A truly unique and magnificent hardwood, Jarrah ranges in colour from salmon pink to deep earthy shades of red and brown.

Our diverse range of products include;

  • giftware for anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations.
  • office products such as pens, pen holders, clocks and other deskware.
  • medal boxes for displaying military and other medals.
  • a broad range of promotional products.

At Murphy’s you can customise your product through the use of our laser engraving service. This means you can do things like add a logo or other meaningful message to your Murphy’s product.

The Jarrah used in our products is a sustainable natural resource in which its harvest complies with the guidelines set by the Government of Western Australia.

Our products are great for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, preserving and displaying medals, or creating a line of promotional products.

Chat with us now to discuss how we can personalise a product for you.

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