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medal Display Case from Murphy's

You’ve worked hard for your medals, Show them off in style with a beautiful medal display case. We can engrave it with military emblems and service crests for a personalised touch.
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Beautiful, wooden medal display case engraved with canadian military emblem for veterans to store medals in.
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Various size medal boxes available
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Murphy's is the leading provider of medal display cases

and We deliver to canada!
Are you looking for a unique way to display your medals, and protect your family history for years to come? We offer a range of medal cases made from quality Australian Jarrah wood and offer the wonderful option to engrave the lid with Canadian military emblems and service crests, alongside text for personalisation. 

Medal display cases are a unique gift for those who have served, whether it be military, first responders or any organisation that presents medals to its members. By adding your personalisation, it becomes a beautiful piece of family heritage to pass down to future generations.

To see if your unit emblem is available, please get in touch with us directly.

We have a range of medal case sizes available.

Choose from the options below.
Artwork and laser engraving are complimentary with all of our medal cases.
A4 medal presentation boxes, opened up to showcase medals.

A4 Medal display case – $210.00

Our Canadian A4 medal display case is made from Australian Jarrah hardwood and features brass hinges and a lift out tray revealing a storage section underneath. The medal display case measures 295mm x 210mm x 45mm internally – an ideal size to display more than one set of family medals. Includes a black lining and a pinboard recessed inside the lid to hold badges and ribbons securely. The non-slip base ensures your medal display case stays put on any surface.
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Large medal display case with canadian military emblem engraved on the lid.

Large Medal display case – $130.00

If you're looking for a high-quality medal box to store eight or more court mounted medals, look no further than our large medal display cases! Made from Australian Jarrah hardwood, featuring a deep green lining, a pinboard recessed inside the lid, and non-slip base. Your medals are displayed in the lift out tray with additional storage underneath for miniatures, badges and other accoutrements. measuring 218mm x 115mm x 40mm internally.
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Words from our Happy Customers

"Excellent product. Beautifully made. The service was 5 star rated. I provided basic info on what I would like engraved on the box lid and received a suggested template of what they could provide, at no charge. The engraving exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this company. I intend to purchase further boxes to display my Dad's and my brother's awards as well."
– Peter H
A medium medal display case by Murhpy's of Healesville, built from Australian hardwood and engraved with a military emblem from canada.

Medium medal Display Case – $115.00

Our medium medal display case is made from Australian Jarrah wood with a deep green lining that sets off your medals. The 175mm x 115mm x 40mm box can store four to seven court-mounted medals, with a lift-out tray to display larger medals and additional storage for miniatures, badges and other accoutrements. We've designed our medal display cases to fit any medals that have been correctly court mounted in accordance with Commonwealth guidelines.
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A small medal display case, engraved with a canadian service military emblem, used to display medals.

Small Medal Display Case – $95.00

Our small jarrah medal display case is 115mm x 115mm x 40mm internally and is designed to store one to three medals. Our wood cases are made from beautiful Australian hardwood commonly known as Jarrah, Eucalyptus Marginata with a deep green lining and pinboard to display medals and hat badges. Use the lift out tray to display large medals and store miniatures and badges underneath. The non-slip base ensures the medal display case stays in place.
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Why Choose a Medal Display Case

Storing medals in a beautiful wooden case by Murphy's is not only a wonderful keepsake of your service history and family heritage, but is a great way to ensure the longevity of your medals. By using a lined case to provide padding and protect the medals from scratches, your medals will be protected from dust and moisture.
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100% Family Owned

At Murphy's, we are proud to provide customers with beautiful and durable military medal boxes made with care and precision for 25 years and counting. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers for years to come.
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