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To keep your customers coming back again and again! Show your customers the utmost appreciation with unique gifts from Murphy's of Healesville, based in the Yarra Valley, Australia.
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Engraved, wooden salt and pepper shaker corporate gifts for local cafe.

Choose a corporate gift that makes an unforgettable impression

Our corporate gifts are made from premium Australian Jarrah hardwood, renowned for its strength and sophisticated hues. The hardwood makes it perfect for personalising with your logo - an enduring reminder of your business that will leave lasting impressions on all who receive it.
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Make your business gifts personal
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Gifts should be practical
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The most popular corporate gifts are from Australia

Jarrah Wood

Jarrah is more than just a hardwood, unique to Australia—it's an expression of quality. When you give the gift of Jarrah, you're providing something with lasting power and remarkable versatility to be cherished for years to come!

A Long-Lasting Keepsake

Elevate your corporate gift game with items that offer lasting value. Show your customers you care with a unique keepsake they can enjoy over and over again. Personalised business gifts are a great way to keep your brand front of mind. Our products can also be sent directly to your employees as a reward or incentive programme.
Engraved wooden wine box used for corporate gifts, with red wine inside.
Jarrah wooden clock engraved as a corporate gift.

Personalised Corporate Gifts

Take your business to the next level and make an unforgettable impression! Laser engraving will help you differentiate yourself from competitors and build strong relationships with your customers. Gifts can be an effective marketing tool to boost brand loyalty, retaining customers and entice your target audience.

Buy in Bulk and Save

Put your hard-earned money to great use and maximise savings when you purchase corporate gifts from us. Enquire now for our surprisingly competitive corporate rates and low minimum order requirements.

Take a look at some of the branded corporate gifts we’ve made for our customers.

Engraved, wooden salt and pepper shaker corporate gifts for local cafe.

Alba Paloma

Café Alba Paloma, nestled in Victoria's Yarra Valley, Australia and owned by Michele, stands proudly among the area's local businesses. Michele was looking for promotional products, and purchased our salt and pepper grinders for each table with her logo laser engraved on the base. Now, every customer who visits the café has a visual reminder of their experience!
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"When setting up my café, I went straight to Murphy's of Healesville for table salt and pepper grinders. I wanted promotional products with my logo, and they returned to me the next day with great quality grinders that have lasted four years of everyday use - all with my logo. We get so many compliments on how great they look! I am so happy with the product's quality and the amazing service from the team at Murphy's of Healesville!"
– Michele, Owner-Operator, Alba Paloma Café Healesville

First National Real Estate

Our A4 cheese board and large cheese knife are the perfect pair – a sophisticated and timeless duo. Mark Gunther immediately noticed their potential as corporate gifts for home buyers, so they're now part of his stylish, local gift hampers for vendors and buyers. He customised the sets with his company logo to remind recipients of his business and service throughout the years.
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Engraved chopping board made of beautiful jarrah wood, used as a corporate gift for real estate.
"We love to support local businesses, and Murphy's branded corporate gifts are a big hit with our clients. People get excited when they look inside their hampers and are surprised to see how much good local produce is available. Murphy's cheese boards are a great example of something clients enjoy for a long time"
– Mark Gunther, First National Real Estate

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What are the benefits of corporate gift giving?

Corporate gifting is an effective way to show your customers that your company cares about them and recognises their importance. Quality gifts are a tangible reminder of the value they bring to your organisation, help build relationships with existing customers, and leave a good impression on new clients. Corporate gifting is also a great way to show customers that you appreciate their business and are looking forward to doing more in the future. 
For example, a branded promotional gift displaying your logo will help create a memorable connection between your company and your customer, reinforcing your brand identity. 

Corporate gifting can also be used as an incentive to reward loyal customers or entice new clients and is a great way to reward employees for their dedication and hard work.

What messages to include in a corporate gift?

When selecting what messages to put on corporate gifts, it is important to consider the audience. Customers should be able to recognise your brand immediately (for example, consider engraving your company logo). If you add a personalised message, make it upbeat and professional to help build and maintain a positive impression of your brand.

The benefits of choosing quality promotional gifts

Corporate gifting is an excellent addition to your marketing strategy to help promote your brand and build referrals. However, it's important to take your time to select something meaningful and long-lasting (nothing reduces a customer's opinion of your brand faster than a cheap gift). A business gift doesn't have to break the bank, but finding the right ones for your target audience is key.

Most popular corporate gifts in 2023

When looking for promotional gifts to give potential clients, think outside the box and consider items people can use every day. Corporate Gifts should be useful and fun - the more often it gets used, the more value you will receive from your investment. Choose high-quality promotional corporate gifts, as they will work harder to promote your brand and create a lasting impression of high value. Here are our top 6 gift ideas to use as promotional products in 2023
• Pen box and Pen Set
• Clocks
• Cheese Board and Knife Set
• Salt and Pepper Grinders
• Pocket Knives or Multitools
• Wine Box

How much should you budget for the perfect corporate gift?

So, how much should a business spend on promotional corporate gifts to retain customers and find new clients? Of course, the answer will depend on many factors—for example, your annual marketing budget and the number of customers in your database. However, as a rule of thumb, businesses should invest enough to ensure their business gift is meaningful yet cost-effective.

Getting a gift is always exciting, especially when it's something special. Corporate gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation and gratitude to existing or potential customers, partners, and even employees. Gifts have the power to make people feel valued and appreciated — they can provide a personal touch that strengthens relationships with your stakeholders.
Engraved wooden boxes with emblem on lid, created out of beautiful jarrah redwood.

Exceptional Corporate Gifts and Delightful Experiences with Murphy's!

At Murphy's, we don't just provide high-quality products; we create custom experiences designed to delight you with each purchase. From start to finish, Craig and Michelle work hard to ensure your experience at Murphy's is one you will remember! So if you're looking for exceptional corporate gifts – look no further than Murphy's!
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