Jarrah Medal Box, complimentary engraved with your service history and emblems.  The lid of the box can be engraved with emblems or crests and text making the medal box a valuable representation of your family heritage to pass down to future generations. This is a unique gift for those who have served, whether it be military, police, fire brigade or any organisation who presents medals to its members.  Enquire to see if your unit emblem is available.

The small medal box is ideal for 1 to 3 medals, the medium for 4 to 7 medals and the large will house 8 or more court mounted medals which measure 200mm in width.

Prices: (any requested engraving is included free of charge)

*prices are for collection from Murphys. Additional postage charge of $15.00 for delivery anywhere in Australia. 

Our medal boxes are the perfect solution that enable you to present and store your own personal medals and badges.

If you are unable to visit our store to chat about your required medal box you can get in touch with us here.

We just need to know the following information;

  • Medal box size
  • Insignia(s)/badge(s)
  • Preferred text
  • Postal address

Enter your required text/badge details on the check out page and we will then create your artwork and email you a copy for your review and approval. We will not engrave your box until you have approved your artwork.

(medals & badges are only for display)
Sample engraving on our medium medal box
Sample engraving on our A4 presentation box
Create your own personal display
Generations of history beautifully displayed in our A4 presentation box