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Canadian A4 Medal Display Case


A beautiful Canadian A4 medal display case, made from Australian Jarrah hardwood, with brass colored hinges, a lift-out tray and another storage section underneath.


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Our Canadian A4 medal display case is made from Australian Jarrah hardwood and features brass colored hinges and a lift-out tray revealing another storage section underneath with internal partitions for additional storage. The case measures 295mm x 210mm x 45mm internally and is ideal for displaying more than one set of family medals. There is plenty of room to engrave the lid of the a4 medal display case with names, dates and other relevant information honouring your family members with their achievements and making the medal case a treasured heirloom. This medal case has a black lining and a pinboard recessed inside the lid to securely hold your badges and ribbons. The non-slip base ensures your a4 medal display case stays in place on any surface.

  • Complimentary engraving included in price
  • 295mm x 210mm x 45mm internally
  • Perfect for 10 or more medals and ribbons
  • Brass colored Hinges
  • Lift out tray revealing additional storage
  • Black lining and pinboard
  • Non-slip base

This box makes a lovely mementos box too.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 31 × 16 cm


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